This is another true story where the woman was completely deceived by the priest in giving her the assumption that he was going to be her future husband. Although not all stories end up in this way, yet most of them do. The woman believes each and every word the priest says. She keeps them in her heart. When will the words be translated into action? How does the priest behave after let’s say one year? What excuses will he bring up? It’s very important to all the women out there who write endless emails to our blog in order to show how hurt they have been, that falling in love with a priest is not for those who are looking for stability or a normal love life!


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Rev Andrew was our new priest. He came to counsel me (Rita), after my husband of 20 years left me with children to bring up. I was numb and in shock. He did not mention God once, instead he chatted about the fun things in life. I liked him for his transparency but was surprised that he seemed to not acknowledge God in our conversations.


He visited at my home till late as we sipped wine and chatted..he was attracted to me, it was obvious from the start!


He started flirting during that year and went into the second year. He would make very suggestive comments and paid me many compliments. They were actually very, very evocative. He would comment on my dress sense and my figure… Wow I was rather surprised! I reciprocated the flirting, though wrong of me…It diverted my attention away from the awful time I was having as my divorce progressed. It actually made me feel beautiful and loved. Sad and irresponsible, I know!


It is only now that I realise he had used me during my most vulnerable time. Maybe he too was vulnerable in that his focus was not on his ministry but himself. Those dull, lonely moments often come up when in the priesthood. I was there at that time! I could cause a lot of problems for him..but I won’t..ever!


At times we behaved like love struck teenagers. Tripping up in embarrassment when we spotted each other and stealing quick ‘looks’. He would, though, keep me on my toes!…by flirting openly with other women. He would return from a trip saying he had met a good-looking girl and had a romantic evening with her! I used to just smile but felt very upset!! It was like being on a roller coaster of emotions! But I was hopelessly in love.


I lavished him with gifts, did his shopping and he took it all and never really showed gratitude. He never extended any generosity back. Not that I ever expected anything from him but he would never do anything ‘nice’ for me, like even saving me a piece of cake if I was busy working in the parish! At one time he risked showing me around his home…I remember saying “you’ll have to give this all up in a few years”. He said in a sad, gentle voice “yes”. We stood there, quiet..face to face, I wanted to hold him..but bowed my head, “I don’t want you to go”, I said. Nothing happened. I know we both wanted to kiss. Maybe he was waiting for me to make the first move?…I’m not sure but I didn’t dare.


Whenever he went away, we were in constant contact. On leaving..he made sure I was the last person he saw, “trust me”, he would say! I was bowled over! I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. My moods changed to light. We had a few meals at my home. The final time, I noticed beads of sweat on his forehead. He was acting strange..I couldn’t understand why he had changed from being light-hearted to almost angry…at me!!!???? We had quite a lot of wine when we met but never acted on our attraction. I realised later, that those beads of sweat on his forehead the final time be came to my home, were indications of him fighting the attraction..I was too! …there was trouble….!!!


Our flirting got even more explicit in our correspondence until it came to am abrupt stop! He no longer sent replies and said that he thought I was a nice person but it must stop. He then said that it makes him want to leave if I carry on the flirting! It was he who started it though!!


As he settled into his new parish, he made many friends. I became very much sidelined as other ladies began showing him attention! He has admitted enjoying being on that pedestal and being like a celebrity! I am slowly coming to realise I was there when he was lonely.


He then started to ignore me and reject my flirting. I was and still am, devastated. He explained that he can’t flirt any more and that it had nothing to do with his position as a priest! (That confused me!) and said, although it is hurtful, he didn’t know any other way to handle it..he said it must stop not because of his vows but to do with his broken heart for something else!! …? But what? A woman?? He would not tell me…and got rather angry at my questions!


This is the point where I am currently…


It’s been 2 years since this all started and he’s now excluding me from parish events and openly flirting with other parishioners, one in particular. I barely see the many friends I have there. They are my support network and I’m at a loss.


I know I made a mistake but feelings of love are uncontrollable…to this moment I think of his beautiful smile and his luscious hair!


Even though he’s been so unkind to me, I love him! I’m left devastated but must move on…I don’t know how to though….