We are so happy that a bishop of the Catholic Church had the guts to call a spade a spade! Although many people are so happy with the election of Pope Francis, yet after one year no change in laws was noticed. Practically all pastors are observing the same old law which hinders people from approaching God. It’s not enough to have a smiling and charismatic Pope, as we have seen during the papacy of Pope John Paul II, but somebody like Pope John XXIII who DID change the laws of the church.

People are educated to observe laws as otherwise chaos would reign all over. Yet if the laws remain unchanged, what will happen? We can testify that people simply have already discarded the outdated law of prohibition of contraceptives. Now, there are more laws concerning marriage which have been abandoned by Catholics especially in the Western Part of the world. We’ll continue with people coming to church (sometimes) and professing to be Catholic, yet in their own personal and private lives they adhere to a different form of religion, which is diametrically opposed to the official one.

It has been preached by many priests that our religion is not for sale, nor do we need to listen to what the majority says! Yet Pope John XXIII used to listen to the sign of the times which in political language would be listening to what the people are saying!! How can we be sure that what people say and want is wrong? How can we close God in the building of the church? How can we be sure that God speaks to priests only?!

No organisation can go without the support of the people. If the church looses it’s image in the eyes of the people, then there won’t be any vocations…which means a slow but sure death. We are already facing a priest-less church in Western Europe. Now the fact of sexuality is pushing people to find God elsewhere. We are loosing some fine young blood just for the sake of keeping some laws made by men or culture!

Again we present married priesthood as another helping asset in the church nowadays. Priests who have their own teenagers do know something about the young people of today. They are in a better position to say what the young people are looking for especially when facing their congregation with their own family members. These priests do have to encounter loss of faith; non-acceptance of the Church; different ways of expressing faith; different approach to sexuality etc…..They cannot hide their family situation which puts them in the spotlight in their own parish. The parish priest cannot be a good speaker without being a witness to faith because all the community can see how is managing his own family! It’s surely another aid for the priest in order to live a life much closer to the gospel. Let’s all pray that the present Pope would permit married priests in order to present a contemporary church, nearer to the people and God.