We are happy enjoying the show……..that’s what most people comment when asked for their comments at the cinema or the theatre. We are in a comfortable zone so why bother? Are we happy to be passive in our life? Do we wish to take the driver’s seat and give our life a different direction? Let’s copy the example of the brave 26 women in Italy and speak out in front of others….

We have received many emails from all over the world with hundreds of unique stories….they all have different colours and shades. Some with a happy ending and some with a tragic one but they are all beautiful as they show the beauty of trying to live a life to the full by indulging or listening to human emotions. One of the most requested pleas is ‘please just keep it between the two of us’. Don’t publish it. Let’s make it clear: we are never going to publish something against the person’s wish. We tend to value trust more than any other value. The value of trust from our readers remains number one for us. Yet we humbly appeal to all: let’s look at the big picture. How can we persuade others of married priesthood if we continue to keep our stories in the dark? We know that besides these 26 there are many more intimate and loving relationships with priests. If they are just 26 women they can easily be classified as heretics or something similar….yet if the number runs into thousands, then it’s not just a number.

To reach a compromise with those living these love stories we offer to change the details in some cases so as to protect both the priest and his lover. We can take out some personal details or comments. Yet, in the long run, history won’t change unless we take an active role. Coming out we realise it’s not easy. Nobody likes to put his/her relationships under the spotlight. Yet there is no other way to convince the mainstream Catholic people unless they know how many priests are involved. Let’s show them how much a priest improves spiritually and offers true counselling to other married couples since he fell in love with somebody. Let’s show them that such an intimate relationship is not a hindrance to his pastoral work but rather he feels enhanced and encouraged. His wife helps him understand the femmine way of humanity. The celibate priest can only imagine and dream about women. The married priest lives with one 24/7. Most probably he has children too. So he is a true father again 24/7. If he preaches to the teens of today, most probably he has his own son or daughter who listens to his homilies……he has to preach the truth in front of his congregation as they can easily gauge his success with his own children!!

Let’s start speaking about married priesthood to other people. Some people may be gifted to speak on TV or radio. Let’s put married priesthood on the agenda or on the discussion table. Let’s take away any prejudices against married priesthood. Let’s speak about the lack of priests in many parts of the world. Let’s speak about the need of the eucharist every Sunday, not once a year!

Speaking as an editor of this blog I can testify that whenever we publish a true story of love between a woman and a priest, readers run into hundreds. People do read such stories. They ask questions. They feel encouraged that they are not alone. One of our readers wrote that she was crying when she discovered that her story was not the only one on earth! Others are happy of finding a website which discusses such relationships.

People cannot compare between married priesthood and celibate priests unless they experience both paths of spirituality. We always tend to compare with past history in the Catholic Church. Now one of the biggest advantages of the Second Vatican Council was to listen to the signs of the times. Common people see a great value in married priesthood nowadays. There are so many surveys which prove that the people are ready for such a change in the church. It’s a practical sign that the Holy Spirit is blowing. How long can we keep our minds or ears shut? Better, who can stop the Holy Spirit from bringing the necessary changes?