We firmly believe that the word of God is not simply enclosed in the bible but it spreads everywhere. One of them is in the daily news. As adults in faith, we try to see God’s marvellous works every day. We are giving you some links to other websites which we think are useful in order to grow in a spiritual way.

One of this was the news coming from the Philippines. There were some married priests who had their children baptised. People were happy to have them as the priests’ shortage was being felt in that area. The beauty of it is, that the authorities know about them and they let them work in the field of the Lord!

In Europe, England, one in ten of every diocesan priest, had converted from the Anglican religion. Most of them were married! Incredibly in some cases, the priest left the parish to get married and was replaced by another married priest! Calls from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe are being heard in order to let priests get married. The shortage of priests is being described as God’s way of telling us to change! We need to change our perspective for future priests. The Pope himself has said that the Catholic church has married priests!

One of the most famous theologians of this century (ex Franciscan!), has simply made a very clear call: the church is more than just the Pope. What’s the use of having Pope Francis if a visit to a local parish would give a completely different idea of the church?

In other parts of the world, there has been many clandestine relationships between priests and women. This blog can testify about numerous similar stories.

Incredibly some people who think of defending the church by insisting that celibacy has nothing to do with sexual abuse. Their main line of defence is the proof that married people too abuse their own children. Well there has been more scientific study which shows that unmarried people do abuse children for some specific reasons. Married people abuse children for different type of reasons but both kind of reasons cannot be mixed up together! In other words, one is not a proof of the other!

Lastly we are producing a citation about a brief history of celibacy…it might come handy for most of our readers! We ask our new readers to come forward with their stories. Your experience is invaluable! Please share in order to enrich the internet with unique stories. May God Bless all our readers throughout 2015.

Second step, let’s support our married priests in their work. If we have a bigger support group, we might apply the right pressure in order to expect the necessary changes in the Catholic Church. If we remain silent and mostly non-proactive, things would never change. Let’s face others and explain our reasons. Let’s expand and broadcast our message. Please pass on this website to others. You might never know who is in a secret relationship with a priest, or others who might think about the possibility of having married priests.