Sometimes, some critics think that our idea of married priesthood is just an odd idea. Maybe they point out the possible teething problems that we might have. They always point out what might not work in married priesthood. Well, it’s not just married priesthood. We know that some people are really murderers of any new ideas. They resist change with all possible means. They always speak negatively about anything. The church, more than any other organisation tends to be more conservative as it strives to keep the old ideas alive.

We are not fanatics. We are not saying that married priesthood is going to solve all the problems. But surely when one puts all ideas on a weighing scale, there are many more advantages than disadvantages. One of them is surely the number of priests. We know for sure that there are many good people who would like to be a priest but owing to the celibacy challenge they shun priesthood. There are some priests who have left officially priesthood, but who would gladly return to the job of pastors. It would fulfill an emergency which is emerging in the world where lots of communities do not celebrate a Sunday Mass simply because there aren’t enough priests.

We obviously understand that for these people such a change would be too much for them, owing to the fact that they have been brainwashed for many years. But this week we want to tell our readers that no, this idea is not odd at all.

It has arrived at the Vatican’s doorstep. We know as well that this pope has had a friendly relationship with a particular woman (Clelia Luro), who was married to a bishop (top official in the church responsible for a geographical area). Needless to say that this bishop was shunned by nearly all the priests except the present pope. So there is no need to explain the goodness of a married priesthood to the present Pope Francis. The fact that he talked to her even when he was elected as Pope Francis, means a lot.

We firmly believe that Holy Spirit is moving the church towards a change. He chooses the time and the occasion to introduce such a change. Our job is to prepare people for it. We need married priests, especially those who have left officially the church, in order to bridge the gap between the priests and the laity. We need priests who are in today’s trenches, dealing with a normal family life with all its challenges, hopes and frustrations. We need to see priests living a normal life in order to witness the gospel in a sincere way. People need witnesses more than teachers according to the late Pope Paul VI. It’s so true!! Let’s have married priests in order to have a big change in the church’s teaching about the family.