In days gone by, people used to wait for heaven to receive proper justice. They used to accept all sorts of abuses, wrong doings, injustices and all sorts of evil actions in order to have a heavenly price which was forever.

The Second Vatican Council (meeting for all bishops in the Catholic church 1962-1965), emphasized the fact that the kingdom of God starts here. We have to sow justice, love, good doings in this life and not wait for the after life. It was a change of perspective where Christians were called not to be passive but rather be more active in everyday life. We couldn’t wait for things to happen but rather instigate the action.

When it comes to married priesthood it seems that most people are waiting for the pie in the sky. Maybe because they lack knowledge and/or of some social actions, but surely they always expect somebody else to start the action. Other people feel inadequate to go for action. If one reads the Old Testament (in the Bible), one surely notes that God has never chosen the perfect person for any mission. He used to surprise people by choosing the non-expected candidate (Joseph and his brothers comes to our mind; David being the youngest…)

We have lots of followers from our blog. Now connecting to other people (who obviously don’t know that our blog exists), we form a much larger group. We are not expecting to have millions. But the apostles weren’t a lot, yet they did make a difference. So practically it’s not about numbers. It’s more about a few, but very effective number of people who are not afraid to speak about married priesthood. We acknowledge that the sexual abuse by priests has given us a lot of speed and direction in our aim. This notwithstanding the fact that many people try to defend the church by saying that sexual abuse takes place in families too.

Yes of course, but it does not exclude that unmarried priests who are sexually hungry abuse women just for the simple reason that they are not sexually satisfied! My granny who has never been to a university used to say: those who do not enter through the door, do so by going through the window. I admire her sense of understanding a complex thing and expressing it in such a simple way!

Most of our readers they still go to church. They can influence church going people. Others who are not attending any church might write letters to newspapers, radios, televisions. The important thing is to make our voice heard. Recently one reader was surprised that we published her/his comments. Yes, we do publish too the so called ‘conservative’ views because we long for freedom of thought in the church. We are careful not to blog out other opinions. Yet we do give the greatest space for people who are in favour of married priesthood just for the simple reason that’s not easy to publish our thoughts in other media spaces. We are the ones who are being treated like ‘sick people’ by other editors or journalists in the church. So we do have to fight to make ourselves heard. Otherwise people might think that there is no one in favour of married priesthood.

We started our blog because we firmly believed (and still believe), in the idea that at this moment in time we do need married priests for various reasons. If we continue to drag our feet, more people are going to leave the church and end up without sacraments and pastoral care. It is with this in mind that we started our work with people who are ‘unchurched’. We listened to their stories in the church. Most of them were hurt by unmarried priests. We never waited to see what others will do. As adults in faith, we saw the situation and we started to do something. We urge our readers to do the same. The church today is in an emergency situation. If someone is sinking, one doesn’t think of anything else except to save the person.

We hope to receive more stories concerning priests and woman in the coming future…