After a series of writing which point out the difficulties of a relationship between a priest and a woman, now it’s the turn to focus on the positive effects on the life of a priest and his work in the parish.

Having a relationship. Priests are used to being transferred/and/or facing a large crowd. A priest can hide his true feelings or else can put on a mask and play a particular role. He is an actor after all. In most cases they can easily hide their true feelings. Their protective cover is that they preach during a mass (liturgy) where most people are silent listeners (contrary to today’s radio/television/internet programs where people react immediately to what they listen!!). In counselling he is still obliged to follow the role of a priest where he has to solve problems or at least to give intelligent answers.

In a one to one relationships, the priest can be on his own with no obligation to follow the rules nor play the intelligent or holy one. He can speak about his personal life. A woman can be a very good listener. Besides, she can point various hidden aspects in the life of the priest.

Receiving compliments. A relationship is not only giving but receiving too. Most priests are NOT good at receiving compliments because they are not used to it, besides other factors. One has to remember that like all public figures, the priest can be critically wounded by criticism. A woman can be the missing catalyst in the priest’s life. She enriches the priest life by giving the necessary positive criticism plus affection. A hug from such a significant person can work wonders. Consequently the fact that there is at least one person who cares in the congregation, makes the priest work harder.

Understanding people. We always believed that four eyes are better than two. The priest meets many people and has to deal with many situations. The fact that he is single handed, it means a big disadvantage. Directing a whole parish means hundreds of people (if not thousands!). The woman helps him to understand better some of the situations that he encounters. She can make him aware of many things going on in the situations surrounding his life.

Becoming more sensitive. Not all priests are sensitive to people (!!) especially to children. Women traditionally have been nearer to children. They nurture a natural sensitivity towards children. The priest is trained differently. Hence the presence of a woman helps him understand children, teenagers and young adults. In many cases, woman have experienced the challenge of taking care of a family, in some cases all alone. So they are well prepared for hard jobs. They know the difficulty of pulling ahead with little or no money at all. They know how to unite the family when there is no common point!

Physical appearance. A woman takes care about the look of her priest too. Most priests (although not all), are not concerned with their look. She can open up his wardrobe and add the necessary clothes in order to make the priest look more respected and approachable. Most priests are not that keen on wearing ‘good’ clothes.

A woman can take a close look at what the priest is eating, exercising, resting etc…..she looks at the big picture and feel if the priest is healthy, happy or undergoing the latest identity crisis!

Black and white plus grey. Some priests view people from a very rigid point of view: that of obeying or not obeying the Lord’s rules. Hence they would see very few bridges to connect with people. A woman can help rejuvenate the priest’s view by adding a totally different criteria. Most women will stand by their own children even when caught red-handed. Most priests would need a new and radical way to approach others. A woman can be so instrumental in this sense.

Learning to face adversity. They experience as well the daily challenges of living under the same roof although having totally different opinions. They know how to sow seeds of quick and diplomatic words which might stop a fight from becoming a full fledged war! She can provide a well thought feedback together with the necessary training for facing similar situations in the larger family (ie parish).

Living true Love. The greatest asset is her focused love on the priest. Love is God. No theological book can explain the beauty of the God unless one falls in love. It is the most practical guide to get to know and experience God Himself! In this sense, a woman who falls in love with a priest is God’s greatest blessing as it brings the priest a new horizon and spirituality in his life.

Our wish, for those who are already in a relationship with a priest, is to love your priest in the way you know best in the present circumstances. Make him experience a new birth of Christ! This might include as well loving him from a distance or not having him at all. But once he feels your radiation of love, even from kilometres away, it changes his life completely to one where he can feel God thoroughly. A happy Christmas to all our readers with these kind of thoughts in our mind.

Please we did not write all the reasons how a woman can enrich a priest’s life. It’s up to our beloved readers to continue writing about this theme for the Christmas season!