We are meeting another woman who got to know a priest. Can you please introduce yourself?

I am Sharon and my priest’s name is Ignatius.

Can give us some more details about the first time you met?

We met when he got transferred to be our priest. I was in charge of youth programs.

What attracted you to his personality?

He had nothing special but he got interested into my projects but had never gotten involved into community work. I mentored him all through and we started working together. At times him running my project errands when I am at work because l have a full time job. In whenever he had functions, l would coordinate the activities on the ground during preparations and he takes care of the mass.

What made you assume that he had feelings for you?

He told me one evening on phone that he had fallen for me and wanted the relationship to move to the next level. I turned him down several times. One day, we were working on a big ordination for 20 priests. As usual we coordinated this together. Visitors were many and we didn’t have so many rooms. We gave out my room and there was no option. We shared one room for 3 days. One bed but he didn’t touch me. He respected me. After that, every time we worked on such project we could sleep on one bed. We did this several times without even moving next to each other. I trusted him. But one day he did and we had sex. The following day we broke up. But later, he apologised and we went back to our friendship. But after sometime l couldn’t resist him. He is charming, respects my opinion and is always there for me when l need him.

What do you call your relationship?

At the moment, we have been like lovers for a while and working together at the same time. Its not been a bed of roses.  We do argue and shout at one another like any other couple.  We do separate at times  and make out again. There are times we spend at my place, at times at his place, at times we take time off and go for holidays.

Were there any intimate moments?

There were many. Things have just slowed down and l feel its time to move on. He no longer calls. This holiday, he didn’t create any time for me. I am so disappointed and l think all of a sudden something is wrong. We haven’t talked about it but l think it is time to leave. I am not hurt because l didn’t expect much. Plus l know l have a modelled a man to become who he is. I enjoyed the moment he was in my life and am grateful for this. I have learnt a lot from him about men and love. More so he has taught me how to be patient with men.

What is the way forward?

I am looking for a chance to discuss this with him. I have made up my mind and l think its the right time to move on. If he agrees we can continue working together but l will slow down on this to pull us apart. It’s not easy on me either and I am aware that it’s a tough challenge waiting for me.

What do you think about priests vs women relationships?

l still don’t know what can be done about such relationships but l feel the catholic church does not have structures in place yet to support married priests. I miss him though and will miss him but l don’t think l am ready to have him leave the church for me. In that case then it’s me who has to leave this relationship.

Thank you Sharon for your time and for sharing your intimate story with our readers. May God Bless you! Readers are invited to comment. This is your blog so we are very eager to have your opinion on board!