There has been a growing consensus amongst our readers, that there are more disadvantages than advantages in having a deep relationship with a priest. This is what we like about our blog. This is something that was not planned, but active readers made an effort to discuss issues which are still being kept under the carpet in the Catholic Church.

Some are already starting to question the present Pope why this subject didn’t surface in any agenda. Obviously the present Pope is already giving a new image to the church, yet the change of optional celibacy should have been taken centuries ago. The more we wait for such decisions, the more harm is being done as witnessed by various readers. A growing number of priests are proving that they simply cannot live the celibacy vow. Others are showing signs of stress, psychological unbalance and other kind of ‘sickness’ or alienation.

One must admit that a priest woman relationship is not normal in the present church circumstances. One is walking a tight rope. Priests are in many cases NOT trained for adult relationships. Some are alienated with work, trips, expensive hotels etc…Others are transferred every now and then and so they have built a wall in order not to belong to anybody because they are afraid of getting hurt.

To make matters worse, in every parish there are some people whose job is simply to pester other people. They live in the attitude of better than thou or holier than the rest of the parishioners. They feel that God has given them the power to judge people. Most probably they feel that they know it all! These are the ones who report to higher authorities as soon as they see a jovial priest talking for some minutes with a woman, maybe in a public place such as the church’s parvis.

The Achilles heel of priests is that although they are used to solve people’s problems, yet they are not used to be in a normal battlefield, simply as baptised persons. In the church, most of the time they are inside a protected area, where they are at an advantage. They are respected as priests. They won’t do most of the normal jobs found in a normal life. They have a colony of people who are eager to prepare most of the common and simple jobs.

Another weak spot is that he is not used of being in a relationship. This makes him vulnerable! This could be the major reason they ran away or change to a ‘cold’ attitude. They realise that falling in love makes one vulnerable. They are used to be in command and not to be second in command!

It’s not all black. In a way, today with the help of the internet, one can keep a solid relationship without telling the whole word who your favourite priest is! Obviously like all tools, it has to be used in an intelligent way. In our blog we succeeded in getting to know personal stories and shared them with others. In this case the internet is helping the church to come to grips with the situation.

Please remember ALL priests next Maundy Thursday (24th March). Prayer is part and parcel of the church. Reading how frail and human our priests are, should move us to pray more and more for our priests. This is the cutting edge from others who have left the church. We should help them, bring about changes in the church, in order to work for and in a better church.