Some people might think that once a Catholic priest gets married he cannot work as a priest. Well, according to 21 laws of the church (called canons), one can ask the services of such a priest!

In brief:

Christian faithful’s constitutive (Baptismal) “right to be assisted by their Pastors from the spiritual riches of the Church, especially by the word of God and the Sacraments” (Can. 213).

In today’s parishes there are many emergency situations where Catholics need the assistance of a Catholic priest and for one reason or another they simply can’t find a priest. In cases of “danger of death” (Can. 976 and Can. 883:3), “necessity or genuine spiritual advantage” (Can. 844:2), “reasonable cause” (Can. 1003:2), “grave inconvenience” (Can. 1116 and Can. 1323:4), and “just reason” (Can. 1335) lay people can ask the assistance of married priests. Empowerment to act lies within the emergency Canons themselves, which flow from what must always be the supreme law of the Church: the salvation of souls (Can. 1752).

For more detailed information, just click on the following link: 21 Laws justifying the use of married priests