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When we were young we were submitted to various teachings. Most of the time, we read books. We tried to assimilate as much as we could. Then years passed by and somehow we re-connected to what teachers/parents/guardians had told us. Most probably what we’ve been thought was good. Yet in real life it seems that it is a different kind of fish. It’s what we call the gap between the theory and real life!

We were thought to look up to priests for friendship, counselling, ideas etc…Obviously in theory everything is in order. Yet each every human being is formed not only through teaching, but through personal experience, chemicals present in his genes etc…All this will make it highly improbable to foretell his future life as each person has a different outcome, which is based on millions of variables.

The first step is when one is asking for help. It brings the baptised person close to a priest. This is the work of the priest after all! But what happens when most of the priests feel all alone, neglected, alienated, disappointed and put aside? A normal kind of friendship (obviously there is nothing wrong), could be a tempting one for the priest. Instead of listening and comforting the person, the priest fulfils his needs for friendship, attention, love etc…within the counselling sessions. A counsellor has to listen to the client and not vice-versa, at least he can’t talk for a long period of time. The fact that the priest starts talking about his life means automatically that the sessions are taking a different path!

On the part of the person who is seeking the priest’s help, things start moving differently when they view the priest not as a counsellor but as the one who is fulfilling their dream of the ideal man! Obviously when one meets another person for a few hours weekly, it’s very easy to idolise that person! Remember that most people as viewed at work, might seem to be the ideal person. It’s when one lives with the person that one sees the complete picture! Yet, when one is hungry for love, recognition, attention and self affirmation, all other things will occupy a less important place in their lives! They just want to cling to somebody no matter what! It could be that we’re living in anonymous cities (Western part of the world), hence we desperately need friends!

We’ve been saying for quite some time now that priests who explain the word of God every Sunday (plus maybe other public meetings), are practically revealing their inner self to the general public. He is the one who speaks about a lot of values where no one speaks anymore (or at least not that often!). Speaking about such values will put more fire on a woman’s heart who is burning with desire to have a loving partner.

The priest in most cases, has all the time of the world to meet, listen and talk with parishioners. He is the one who makes his own timetable hence, he is easily available! The priest has no one to report to for his day to day running. Hence he can postpone last minute meetings without giving any real reason or hiding behind superficial reasons!

We don’t wish to give the message that it’s impossible, yet in the present circumstances, it’s getting more difficult to be a good friend to a priest. When a person is not complete (in many senses), it could lead to trouble, whether he is a priest, bishop, Pope, woman etc…In mathematics they used to teach us that a minus ( – ) with a minus ( – ), make a plus!

Our wish to have married priests will help the church to have a better system where priests are living in a relationship which will help them understand better the need for attention, love, affirmation etc…We’re not saying that it’s foolproof. There is nothing perfect. Yet on the human side of the argument, it will help them to be better prepared to work in today’s church.

It’s not something that happens very often that bishops, without mincing any words, declare openly the need for married priesthood. We are very happy that such a bishop has the courage to speak openly which is not so easy in the Catholic Church. In the past we had the glasnost of Mr. Gorbachev (past, Russian Prime Minister), but we still don’t see the same thing in the Catholic Church.

We know as well that the bishop knows many hidden love stories, gay relationships, sexual abuse etc…most of the stories never make it to the media. So when he speaks, he is speaking from experience. Will they listen to his message? We’ll wait and see….the first response (as usual), from mother church was that he was speaking as an individual and not in the name of the college of bishops…how many more bishops want to speak, yet they are afraid of the consequences?

This week I met an officially unmarried priest who thinks completely different than the official teaching of the church. Yet when speaking with his parishioners he is very cautious not to let out any of his real thinking about the church, God etc……..He is what we may call a living lie. This is why in the church (as in past communist regimes), truth is afraid of peeping its head out. The church is not the voice of those without a voice any more. She is creating what we may define an underground group! She is persecuting those who sing a different song.

The same thing we experience in our website. We receive many emails from people who have fallen in love with a priest. In 99% of the cases the persons ask us NOT to publish any information at all. While we always respect the confidence and trust shown by our readers (past, present AND future), yet somebody has to speak out about the true number of priests who are secretly in love. We urge (but we can’t force people!) to change details about their stories and publish them so that the whole world would know that most priests are NOT observing the celibacy rule.

As most of the priests dedicate most of their time in other activities, we are realizing that most of the people are becoming really ignorant in religious matters. In Malta which in the past was called Cattolicissima, now is in a different state of mind and heart.

Most of the unmarried priests say that are not not married in order to serve people better. But facts speak louder than words or principles. An article shows that most teaching aimed for adults is NON-existent in most of the parishes of the world. It’s not just adult teaching but many more components of the parish which are missing. On the other hand, in most cases, married priests, do care for people because they have a family too and consequently they have introduced family friendly measures. They are not aiming for a blind distribution of sacraments but rather a personal approach which leads them to God. In most cases people make use of a married priest because he is more available than the unmarried one! This is proved by FACTS all around the world.

A priest may alienate himself by odd rituals called liturgy. Some priests love liturgy because they occupy a central and controlling position. Yet other priests are harping on a different type of priesthood. This is the type of priesthood needed for today’s world.