The pill problem or challenge is not just a drop in an ocean but it’s an everyday challenge for the faithful who wish to live the gospel in their daily lives. Do you obey the bishops or do you just go on your own? In another words, do you avoid pregnancy or do you leave it in God’s hands, regardless of the number of children you already have?  Regarding the pill, there are at least 82 % of Catholics who in daily life disregard what the bishops or the Pope say, and practice birth control classified as ‘artificial’ by church’s documents. It is a growing attitude by many Catholics that they feel as adults, consequently they can take their own decisions.

It is possible to repress change temporarily — to slow change, to resist change, to deny change — but it is impossible to stop a change whose time has come. It is impossible to ignore change once it has begun to well up through the cracks in the cement of a society, however rigid the barriers to it.

Repressed, people will resist. Ignored, people will remove themselves from an arthritic society. Unheard and unheeded, blocked and obstructed, the seed of a new idea simply grows like ground pine until the ideas break out everywhere and evolution that could have been handled by a process of peaceful reform gives way to unmanageable revolution. Ask the King and Queen of France.

In France, some years ago there was the experiment of the working priest. It was a practical way in order to connect the priest with the common people. We as married priests work NOT in a parish. We have to earn our salary by conducting normal jobs like all other human beings. We have to support our families. There are no short cuts. We cannot just go to the parish and ask for money. But another important fact is that like the worker priests, we feel at odds with the Catholic church. Something which normal obeying Catholics find it difficult to understand. But when one befriends such a priest, they realise the frustrations of some of the priests in order to update the church. It’s not just one thing or one issue but many others. All could be grouped together because some priests and some bishops are living in an ivory tower and cannot feel what the common people are saying. The priest who left the comfort of the parish to go and live normally, faces real life and real challenges like all normal people. He is in a position to show the way to all who left the church and feel lonely (in a spiritual way).

We wish to announce this Christmas, a special welcome to all those who feel left out of the church for various moral or ‘sinful’ reasons. We feel that our over emphasis on sexual relationships has to end. We feel that no sin could be discriminated against. We cannot just point to one or two sins and ignore the big picture.  We are all sinful in God’s eyes. The reason God wanted his church is NOT to condemn but rather to call and welcome the sick people. If as a church we act differently, then we would be betraying His call.

In this sense we feel that married priesthood is important in the reformation of the Catholic Church because it brings the priest face to face with the normal life of today. Consequently there would be other changes. But we are hopeful, as said in one of the quoted articles, that change is inevitable. The Holy Spirit has His own way of bringing about what is classified as impossible change in the Catholic Church.

We are receiving several emails from women who love a non-married priest. On general terms we wish to give some advice. Just read this article in order to understand what’s going on.