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Pluralism of thought

Walking along a main street in any city today, gives one the impression of today’s civilisation: everybody seems to be walking all alone as most people are not looking sideways, forward or backwards but are busy reading their tiny screen held in their hands!

Are we becoming islands? Generally speaking, in most writings on our blog, it seems that some people think that they are living on an uninhabited island! This is because like horses, they only see one view. Obviously the one that counts is their view!! Like the person looking onto their mobile phone who is blind to other happenings, one cannot see other views because one is cut off from reality.

When it comes to emotions, it’s already so difficult for a person to understand what’s going on, let alone somebody else from a different country with a different background, upbringing etc…

In a way, as Christians, we remember that only God sees in the darkest areas of our lives or other unspoken realities of which we may be totally blind! He is the true Judge who sees what others cannot see or imagine!

Falling in love is the most complicated form of action taking place in our bodies. We are first speaking from a chemical point of view. Same wise for emotions and human growth. What happens in our lives is not that easy to explain. We might put it into words, but words alone are not enough to experience what other people are experiencing. Our blog is becoming more popular because we are discussing something which is not allowed in most other Christian blogs!

But allowing people to air their views, emotions, experiences etc… does not automatically make mature readers! It’s easy to fall into temptation in condemning or labelling one’s opinion! In this area, we do feel that we need to grow. We can only present our experience and let the person decide, even if it’s against what everybody thinks or wish for. When we hear people, in some cases we are directing them to a particular conclusion. In other words we would be telling what to do. This is a very old idea of counselling which however surfaces every now and then.

We insist again, letting priests becoming biological fathers will help them too in this area. It’s not easy to tell your own sons/daughter what to do. In today’s world they need a real dialogue. Dialogue does not mean converting your own son to your own ideas, but to explore more ideas together. Finally, our sons and/or daughters are becoming adults with the right to go for a different choice then the one we discussed about!

On the other hand, those who are brave enough to share their loving experience with a priest, should not be blind and deaf to what others have written about. Experience is something which one cannot achieve in a short time. Time has to pass by in order to gain some experience. There is no fast forward button! In this sense, a dialogue has to be practised on both sides. They too need to truly listen to others although they have the right for a different solution.

Another important principle: if I have a particular experience about women-priests relationship, it doesn’t mean that all experiences are going to pass through the same path! Every person is different. Every priest is different. Every country is different. Time is changing too. What was taboo for some parts of the world, now it now longer holds water. They are in fact opening up to new ideas. This is our greatest asset that most Catholics do understand that a married priest is in a good position today to evangelise other people. It’s a missing link which might add to a multicoloured church with various experiences, traditions and people!

Would you ever find anything about the Pope’s relationships with women especially dear friends? Well everything would be covered in secrecy or denial. Yet in the first days of Pope Francis, some important revelations have been already revealed. Is it because nowadays we have social media or is it because Pope Francis wants to be more open? Anyway, which way it was, it’s surely not very common. He did speak about a special girl who literally dazzled him!

A different picture has been painted by one of Bergoglio’s friends, a radical feminist and Catholic called Clelia Luro, who is about as far to the left on the ecclesial spectrum as you can go. She married a prominent and respected bishop, Jerónimo Podestá – one of the leaders of the progressive reforms that followed the second Vatican council – and was sometimes seen concelebrating mass with him, the kind of thing that makes a Catholic cleric’s hair stand on end. But Bergoglio reacted differently.  Bergoglio was the only Catholic cleric who went to visit him in hospital, and, when he died, the only one who showed public recognition of his great contribution to the Argentinian church. Does it mean that he thinks differently about the issue of celibacy? Well we all know that as a Pope it won’t be that easy to call for changes in this area, yet he has already been out of the norm to start living differently as a Pope, so why not change celibacy?

If Pope Francis lives near the common people he would surely listen to their stories about how many priests have secret wives/girlfriends/boyfriends etc…..How will he react? Will he keep silent and do things internally?  Or will he open up for discussion? We just pray and hope. Yet there is something else that we can do….

Now this is the most important part of today’s article. We cannot simply live our personal private lives without ever contributing anything to the others. We have many readers who write about their hidden romantic stories. Most of them don’t want their stories to be published (we ALWAYS respect the readers’ wish). But very few of them write and do something about it. They just put all pressure on us, writers, to change the world. We’ve been publishing a website for at least 15 years. Sometimes some people might think that we make up the numbers! It’s not true. We speak on evidence. Yet most of our readers don’t give us permission to share their stories….so some people might think that we are fabricating stories!!

Well, we need the experience of hundreds of women who have had the experience in loving a priest, to speak out in a womanly way to prove beyond any doubt that a priest who falls in love is not a tragedy but rather a new way of living the gospel and understanding God. A woman may make a priest realize one million new things, especially considering the fact that many priests have been trained by other men. Priests most of the time have seen things from a man’s point of view! A woman is not just sex. She is not the one who makes a priest to look away from God but rather find God in new but different life situations. In most cases the woman is already part of the congregation. Consequently she knows the care the priest gives to his flock. She knows his ways of preaching and reaching out to others. She could increase his ‘productivity’ by adding her female touch.

Be prepared. For some people it would still be a shock to know that their priest has a special relationship with a woman! We can’t change people overnight. We don’t have a right to force people to agree with our ideas. We should contribute to this discussion by not labeling those who don’t agree with us as conservatives. Let’s look at them as people who have always listened to one side of the argument. People who are afraid to change their basic religious teaching. For most of them they are spiritually afraid to venture into new fields. Yet it could be done if the argument is carried out first and foremost in a human way, without judging, and secondly with compassion. Finally it has to be spiritually aided by praying together for the future of the church. Priests are dwindling. If we love our church we cannot simply ignore this fact!

It’s not only the old idea of ‘poor’ which the Pope needs to be near to but rather the most appealing model of priesthood for today’s spirituality: that of a married priest who faces the same challenges as that of the common people. In fact we are still surprised that they gave out information such as that of the Pope who used to cook and prepare lunches/dinners himself! Well that’s what the common people do all the time!! They not only have to cook everyday but face many other challenges too.

Let’s hope in the power of the Risen Lord who has won the greatest battle of them all – death. He could give the necessary power and force to Pope Francis to change things for the greater benefit of all the church! A happy and unique Easter to all of our readers.