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Churchgoers and the unchurched!

Young people struggle to find their place on earth. They have to get to know themselves really well in order to find what are they going to do with their own lives. Consequently they’ll find the right job and then hopefully, the right partner!

I see something similar in the church. We all know that life has changed drastically. We see things differently for various reasons. What about the church? Well many people have left. Others have stayed. Yet, on what level do they participate? Most of them simply follow the same timetable and principles for ages. Others are contrary to any change. Surveys have shown that most people who are still attending church, are in their majority ‘conservative’ people. It means that they oppose great changes for whatever reason! Some of these people would like to remove Pope Francis just because they think he is taking away the old teaching of the church. Well, they are truly ignorant of the gospel because most of the apostles were married!! See https://www.thedailybeast.com/vatican-may-approve-married-priests-but-conservative-catholics-arent-celebrating

So can one expect great changes? I don’t think so because the most people who are the right agents for change have long left. So who can make changes after all? Sincerely we don’t have an answer!

This is in part the society of today: we wish to make changes yet no one would like to be in the midst of the struggle! When we were young they used to tell us the story of the mice and the big, ferocious cat. The mice had their meeting in order to put a bell around the neck of the cat. After hours of discussion, one old mouse, in a soft voice just asked: Who is going to put the bell around the cat’s neck? Silence fell. It’s useless that we would like changes to take place if we abandon the church!

I know from experience that going for church’s meetings it’s not the most interesting job of the world. Sometimes one has to meet lots of old people (with all due respect to the old ones whom we cherish a lot). Most of them seem to be stuck in the 1900s! We see the usual faces. Very rare to see new ones! Besides, the young ones are not easy to make them attend besides the 1001 appointments that they have to attend to!

To add insult to injury, in the world, in a generic sense, there is a lot of prejudice or ignorance of what the true religion says! So many valid persons who have lots of talents, won’t come to church owing to prejudice, ignorance or outright hate of all that pertains to the religious world! This is one of the most challenging visions of the church. How can we bring back the lost majority? What kind of teaching do we present? What are people looking for?

Again we present the married priest as a one who is living in the world today! He has the right mixture to be an ambassador to many young, adults or non-believers. The fact that they see him struggling with everyday normal timetables, would be a great asset. As Pope Paul the sixth once wrote: the world doesn’t need preachers but rather people who testify with their own lives!

A woman loves a priest-writer

This week, we have another reader who voluntarily wrote her experience about a priest. He is a writer too. Readers are most welcome to ask questions.

Where did you meet?

My name is Sabine. My priest’s name is Ivan. I first saw my priest one Christmas day, maybe about 3 years ago. My husband at that time was doing some kind of work for him. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything like it. My priest is a writer. He had just published a book and gave a copy to my husband. I read it over Christmas 2013.

What attracted you to this priest?

His writing was so deep, so beautiful. I was deeply drawn to him from that point. I tried to get to know him, but he was very guarded around me. His mother died and I called him and sent him a card to offer support. He opened up a little. Following this, our connection just grew.

How did your relationship develop from that point onwards?

At mass the connection between us was so strong he was struggling to hide it. Two years after we met, my marriage broke up and he was counselling me for a while. What is between us is unspoken. However I feel it’s stronger on my behalf. The last time I met him, it was a heavy session around the marriage break up and it was a difficult session. I also got a little bit closer to him that day. He told me his age etc…

Does he run away or make himself unavailable sometimes?

Following this, he pulled away from me. He never answered my last email and he is blowing hot and cold. Laughing out loud with other parishioners when I’m around and ignoring me. It’s very painful. I love him deeply. I have no idea how he feels about me but there is a strong connection between us. I don’t know if this is the end. I would like to think it’s not.