Humans are bound to make mistakes. Not just once, but everyday! We fully acknowledge the fact that priests are humans. We never expect priests to be perfect. On the other hand we never want to make public priests’ sins. Yet sometimes one does seem to be surprised.

A week ago, a woman who has been following Christ for a long time, asked a pastor to be godmother to a young girl who was going to receive the confirmation. The girl has asked her to be a godmother because she saw her as a role model in her daily life. She was not part of her family! Imagine being chosen by somebody not because one isĀ  part of his family but rather because one lives a Christian life…..a true witness to the gospel. How beautiful !

She was politely refused as she was still living with another man, without being married in a Catholic Church. Accidentally, she has left her first husband and asked for an annulment (declaration that there was never a marriage from a tribunal of the church). The annulment takes ages. She is expected to wait for the final answer….which might take forever, in the meantime her biological clock is fast ticking away….

On the other hand I happened to know the pastor and his lover…….whom he secretly meets at odd hours and has normal sex. He continues to celebrate mass and all the sacraments whilst he professes to be celibate…yet he denied another person to be a godmother……….because she was living in sin!! Can anyone please define the word hypocrisy, please ?

It’s not because the priest errs that we are astonished but rather how can a person be so insensitive and live a double life? Yes this is what happens every time a priest kisses, hugs intimately and makes love to a woman. These are the priests that tell others what to do! Yet in their own daily life, there are so many hidden secrets!

In most of the stories coming in about women who fall in love with a priest, it’s mostly the women who feel guilty and do a lot of thinking, reasoning, praying and discussion…the priests find an excuse for all actions! He is the one who continues to harass the woman in having sex and other illicit way of showing affection etc…..Why? Because he is used to a form of lying and being deceitful to the general population and parish. It’s their way of life. One has to live with priests in order to understand their way of life. Just examining how they go round the celibacy rule, makes one wonder why do we keep such rule at all!

The woman caught in this gambling game feels at a loss. She feels that she has already sinned. She feels that she has lost her innocence. Psychologically she is very weak. To add insult to injury, the priests would do everything to keep the mouth of their lover shut. In most parishes, if the woman talks, she would carry all the blame and the stigma of ‘prostitute’ or ‘priest’s lover’ would condemn her for life! In a few words, she is the one to blame!

We as married priests, have nothing to hide. We don’t play hide and seek. We proudly live with our woman. There are no secrets about it. Nobody can threaten us of telling higher authorities. We live and witness the gospel as in times of the apostles, were most of them were married. We don’t simply look to our woman for sex as we have our responsibilities too. We are parents 100% with all its consequences. We do not live in a protected area. We have to earn our living by working hard and not asking people to give us money!!

The priest who is supposed to ‘love’ his woman, is full of secrets. Secrets of this type are damaging because they are hiding information which should not be hidden! The priest is there to witness the gospel. How can he witness the good message when he himself is hiding his true self? Our opinion is that the biggest stumbling block is that he doesn’t want to take a stand and make a decision: I leave the parish to live with my woman. I would be a living testimony for my people. I would be a married priest.

Most of the women are passing through their first love experience with a priest….hence they believe that the priest is one day going to live with them…….hours become days…days become weeks……weeks become months…….finally months are translated into years. When will the woman realize that their priest is telling lies? A priest is not simply lying to this woman, but his life has become one whole, big and fat lie! It’s not just the celibacy rule but rather his whole life is a lie to the gospel he is supposed to witness to.

One of our objectives is to wake up most of the women who write to us, in order to realize that a hidden romantic relationship is something which should be avoided at all costs. There is no future. There are no dreams but rather broken promises. At the end the woman is going to realize that she has been taken for a ride her whole life. The emptiness and sense of a lost life is too tragic to describe. It puts the woman in hell as she would feel frustrated and used forever!

Today the 22nd of July is the feast of St. Mary Magdalene. She was put in a bad light for nearly 2000 years. Now we realize as we read the gospel that she showed special affection to Jesus. Jesus proved theologically that he had special relationship by visiting her after resurrection. She was the first person to see Jesus resurrected. This has profound theological meanings. Jesus chose her to be the first person to witness his new way of life after his bodily death! One shares such events with very special people! May the Church study and pray more in order to understand the true meaning of the gospel.