A living Crib: Priest with wife and child.

A living Crib: Priest with wife and child.

How beautiful is the image of a priest walking side by side with his favourite partner, friend, supporter, lover etc…..The married priest comes alive because of the love of his woman who understands all his needs and gives him full support. When his loving wife bears a child, it could become the living crib for other families. They would have a wonderful opportunity to give witness to the Betlehem experience by living its contemporary experience. The priest would acknowledge his feelings for one special person – his wife and in turn would get all the love and support he needs. His wife would become his best critic, supporter and the one to help him sort out many many things.  The child would welcome the priest to see the fruit of his own love. He would not only change the nappies but walk side by side with his child to experience all the wonders and pain of growing up. How beautiful such an image would be in the Catholic Church!

The statistics are there and they are proving to be the writing on the wall as the numbers of unmarried priests seem to dwindle every second in the Western Culture. Now the communities are feeling the effect of having less priests especially for Sunday gatherings. The church cannot continue not to hear, listen and not to see what’s happening in today’s world. In Holland they had the courage to offer solutions as well for the inevitable future…….

We have been on the side of married priests for at least 14 years. But we are not simply asking for married priesthood. We want more quality like what other people are asking for in many other sectors of life. We want a change in the teaching of the church and not just concerning married priesthood. We firmly believe that giving priests the choice of getting or not getting married should prove to be a good step forward. With the experience of marriage, many priests would experience a change in their priorities. Consequently there would be a change in ALL the teaching of the church.

Sadly, we heard just one story of a priest who left the church and joined another one when he was wrongly accused of something which he never did. He didn’t have a fair trial (which should be a must in the Catholic Church).  We heard many similar stories. Unfortunately very few of them are published so people might think it’s once in a blue moon. Actually it’s not because most of the married priests were more futuristic in their thinking when they acted as unmarried priests. Being different brings about a lot of criticism. In many cases they kill the messenger before discussing the message.

They can avoid dealing with married priests now, but they cannot run away all the time. We firmly believe that one day, the Catholic Church of the Latin Rite would open its doors for married priests. Have a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year but most of all look for living cribs in your local community or online! We are ready to distribute the Holy Sacraments to all!