Do you remember when kids of unmarried parents were not baptised ? What was the attitude of the Catholic community then? Do you remember the Galileo case? Do you remember the first time a woman read in church? Do you remember the first time that guitars were used in church? The list goes on and on……it was always an attitude of condemnation… be substituted by attitude of let’s turn a blind eye….then finally we can’t do without it!

This has practically been the attitude of the Catholic Church to whatever is new. We had the Second Vatican Council (meeeting for all Catholic Bishops 1962-1965) which should have served as a revolution but instead all the Popes after John twenty-third, tried to limit its effects on the church. Now finally the present Pope is turning the clock to the present times.

How does the present Pope think? Well he said it’s the way that faith is passed on. If they ask for baptism they’re asking to pass on the faith. He knows for sure how important for the church is to pass on the faith. He is being practical in not letting the church take the same road the dinosaurs did! Faith is not passed on automatically to offsprings. Somebody has to speak about God. They have to be witnesses to faith.

For most of the time that passed by, the church has insisted that being married in church is a sure way of witnessing and passing on the faith. Well, experience tells us that those married in church, are not always the best examples of faith. There are others who are living in particular situations (living with divorced partner for example), where although they seem to be living in ‘sin’, yet anybody can see their love and care for each other. We do know of many couples, who are not baptised at all, yet when one sees them how they interact with their children and with others, one sees God in their lives!!!

Life cannot be forced to be in a box, or regular in other words. Some people are called to live outside the box, or irregular life. This does not mean they disregard the laws of the church but rather they have to search and find God in their own particular situation. In a few words this has been the Second Vatican Council: it’s not the application of laws in particular situations but rather examining experience and listen to what God is telling you. Life is something personal and intimate. It’s very difficult and unethetical to expect laws to fit all situations. Besides in the same Second Vatican Council has called for respect to each and every conscience. We are obliged to follow our consciences (it’s our own personal and intimate guide which tells us how to respond to God’s love).

Why did we focus our thinking to such an event done by Pope Francis? Well on the same line of thinking, we are thinking or promising of having a Catholic Church in the future by providing married priests. If the people are to live their faith, they have to find courage and faith in the celebration of  Sunday’s liturgy. But if there aren’t any priests? Not only would married priests add numerically the number of priests, but we think that the time has come to see married priests once the converted Anglican priests are being allowed to live with their wives. Married priests could be of great inspiration and faith to most married people nowadays. Condemning or turning a blind eye won’t solve the problem as in the Western World the church is going to be practically non-existent! Let’s introduce married priests to have a new presentation and witness of faith!