We are happy that the election of a new Pope has brought back the Catholic Church into the world’s stage. Everybody was discussing the Catholic Church. It’s a special time for showing the teaching of the church. One has to capitalize on such moment.

We are happy too that the new Pope has chosen the name of Francis.  He himself declared that he is inspired by St. Francis of Assisi. Considering what’s being published on the internet and the printed media, we may make a safe assumption that the new Pope has had a warm welcome. People are eager to see what’s going to happen next. Many have very high hopes. The poor feel so rich in having a Pope who can truly speak for them.

It’s interesting to know something which is not being said at the moment on St. Francis. St. Francis of Assisi was just a lay person (not a priest). He was forced to become a deacon in order to preach as lay persons were prohibited. He brought a revolution in the Church (this Pope included). He did not reflect on the life of a Pope or cardinal. He started to read the gospel, which in those times was prohibited for the normal Catholics because it was always assumed that the laity where ignorant and had to be taught everything about religion!! So indirectly, St. Francis broke one of the fundamental rules of the Church then: to read the gospel all alone!!

St. Francis started a new Christian life which was unheard of in those times: giving all to the poor and trusting in God’s grace. It was an indirect criticism to the church in his days as some of the Cardinals were super and filthy rich! No wonder he was considered to be crazy, especially after his lavish living in his early youth years! Slowly but surely he became a living testimony against another part of the church which was siding with the rich people at the expense of the rest of the people! St. Francis was a protagonist. He did NOT wait for the others to approve his way of life. In fact, at the very beginning, neither did he think of establishing a new order of friars! He started and others followed! And he was just a lay person!

St. Francis wanted his way of life (or rule). to be approved by the Pope. It had to be a charismatic Pope to accept his way of reaching out to God. The Pope realized that St. Francis was reading the signs of the times. He was truly sincere and loving in his proposal. He immediately grabbed the situation and approved his rule. He approved a way of life which was already being lived by St. Francis and his followers!

Now the million dollar question: Will the governing body of the church listen to lay people as they did in the time of St. Francis? Pope Francis may become truly the voice of the poor. His message will get across many people of the world. Yet what about the Western World? People are fed up waiting for a Pope who understands their contemporary needs. The author uses the word ‘weary’.  He uses fatigue too. Just visit the following link.

Here people are accustomed to a team spirit. No organization  would survive if the head manager works all alone. Now what about the Church? Can the church be appealing to the young ones if decisions are continuously taken by higher authorities? When they hear some messages from those who hate gays, divorced people etc……Other Catholic people wish to promote the role of women. Others are already living their own sexual life (which obviously is not just a few moments in bed – this is a psycho definition of some priests who might have problems in dealing with life’s basic needs). Our sexual behaviors determine who we are! We cannot keep pushing forward an irrelevant  definition of a christian sexual life! It’s not just a few crazy lay people who are asking for changes. These changes were legalized by Vatican II. We don’t wish to use the word legitimate or illegitimate. Yet one knows for sure that Vatican II has been betrayed (Vatican II was a meeting for all Catholic Bishops of the world which took place between 1962 and 1965). Vatican was the hope of the new world because the Catholic Church listens to everybody including non believers or of other faiths. It promises a community type of work where each and everyone has a role to play.

Finally, in St. Francis steps, reading the gospel, we might discover that most of the apostles were married! So we have every right to keep pushing our agenda: that of married priests! It’s not just the thinking of some priests who have married and who want to continue serving the people of God but other lay people are pushing forward the idea. Sometimes a high member in the church shares the same thinking. People are seeing priests having an alienated way of life. They wish to see them living a normal life in order to testify to the gospel in a better way. So what are we waiting for?