We’ve been insisting that married priesthood opens up the priest to a new reality: one of them meeting many people who are unchurched. One of the most common solutions would be to invite them to church and have a frankly talk. The immediate problem arises: what about the teachings of the church today? If they truly come to church there remains one big problem: how to reconcile people’s expectations with the teaching of the church. This is one of the reasons why in the Western Culture, people are leaving the church.

The Second Vatican Council (a meeting for all bishops which took place between 1962-1965), emphasized that we no longer support a theory which has to be put into practice but rather see the praxis (practice)  or how the christian community is living and form up the theory. If we really believe this, then we could start the teaching for adults and surely the adults will come. They would feel truly adults in faith as they would have a main part in forming up the teaching of the church. On the other hand, if some unmarried priests or bishops still have the main role in forming up the teaching element of the church, then surely they would be alienated from today’s problems and consequently they would not provide the true teaching of God. It’s no surprise that in the USA today contraceptives still play an important part. It’s the so called celibate, (better to use the unmarried term) priests obsessed with power. No married person who is in his senses, would propose such a thing!

On the other hand we know from experience that others don’t have the luxury of leaving the Catholic Church. There were many married priests who found it really difficult to find a job just because they left the church. Other faithful members cannot show dissent as otherwise they would suffer big consequences. But all in all, there are many people nowadays who are not in agreement with their bishops.

We are very sorry that another bishop had to resign for the same reason: falling in love with a woman. When are we going to read the gospel and notice that most of the apostles were married? Are we still in the middle ages where we used to believe that intelligent woman were either possessed by the devil or else psycho cases? Why are we so afraid of women when Mary was declared mother of God? Another secondary note is that this bishop had to resign simply because he fell in love with a woman: how about other bishops who have hidden the sexual abuse of priests? Do they need to resign? How do they sleep at night? What about their conscience? What about those who have committed suicide because of a sexual abuse by a priest?

Just one positive note: We firmly believe that the Holy Spirit has his own unique ways of changing the church. Consequently we are not pessimistic about the Catholic Church. Another married father and son are ordained as Catholic priests. Obviously there were Anglicans before joining the Catholic Church. So the people of God are getting used to see married priests. That means a lot. Well the change has come! Who knows what might happen in the future?

Homily {in Maltese}